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Pool Remodel
Creating your new vision

Have an outstanding vision for a backyard that could use a little bit of work? We’re here to help. We have extensive experience in renovations and remodels of pools, outdoor living spaces, water features and more. 

Resurfacing & Replastering

After some time, pool surfaces will begin to wear down. This can not only make your pool look dirty and feel uncomfortable on your feet, but it can also cause cracks and leaks. The easiest and most effective way to restore the appearance of your pool is by having professional resurfacing and replastering services completed.

Our professionals will remove any damaged material, apply a bonding agent and apply the new surface material of your choice. Your swimming pool will look brand new!

Pool Deck Remodeling

Your pool is only as good as your pool deck! Whether your deck is showing signs of sun exposure, weather damage, wood rot, or is starting to develop cracks, it’s time for a remodel. Our team can work with you to ensure your new deck has all the features you need as well as contributes to your backyard’s overall aesthetic.

Modern & Luxury Feature Additions Update

Spa Area

If you’re looking to add a spa area to your existing pool, AG Pools can help. Whether you need to install a pool heater, hot tub, or relaxing waterfall, a spa area can either be added to the main pool body or the pool can be extended to make room for the new additions. Whatever you decide to do, your new spa functions will allow you to enjoy all the benefits that come with a home spa-like maintaining good skin health and a place to destress.

Water Features

Water features are a great way to upgrade your space without breaking the bank. With endless options available, our team of pool professionals can help pick out the perfect addition for your outdoor oasis. Whether it’s a waterfall, bubbler, mist, water wall, or upcycled fixture, you can ensure an easy design and installation process.


LED Lighting

Pool lighting has made leaps and bounds in the past decade. LED lights are becoming the standard pool light installed for a few reasons:

  • Programmable – LED lights are far more advanced than traditional incandescent bulbs. With the right system, your pool’s LED lights can easily be automated and even change colors!

  • Energy Efficiency – While traditional bulbs are usually less expensive, the price difference is no match for the overall savings you’ll have from deciding on LED pool lighting.

  • Fewer Maintenance Calls – LED lights are designed to last a very long time. Well over 20,000 hours. Because of this, they require far less maintenance – which is a good thing for your wallet.

  • Increase Visibility – Generally, LED lights are a much more effective way to enhance visibility both in and out of the pool than the bulbs of the past. This can help ensure the safety of your family and pets.


Fire Pits

Adding a fire feature around your pool area can benefit your entertainment space in many ways. Not only can adding a fireplace or fire pit add additional light once the sun goes down, but it can also serve as a source of warmth on those chilly nights. You can even cook with it! With both gas and wood options available, contact our team to explore our menu of fire features!


When even one tile is cracked or missing, your pool can lose its visual appeal. Additionally, depending on the location of the tile, it can create a huge safety hazard for you and your family. Whether you need your waterline, trim, spillway, or raised bond beams retiled, you can rest assured our team will deliver a flawless finish that breathes new life into your home’s swimming pool.

Plumbing Update

To ensure your pool is eco-friendly and easy on the wallet, you may want to consider updating your pool’s plumbing system. Today’s swimming pool plumbing technology is impressive and ensures your swimming pool is as reliable as can be. Whether you need an individual part replaced or the whole system upgraded, AG Pools can provide your system the proper plumbing updates and upgrades it needs.

Modern & Luxury Feature Additions Update



It just doesn’t look like a true oasis or hideaway without a stunning waterfall to enjoy and drown out the noise of the world. Waterfalls are a great option to take your pool to the next level. When you work with our team, we’ll discuss your design preferences to design and install the perfect waterfall for you and your family to make new memories around.


Custom Rock Features

Our custom rock features are a great way to improve the overall aesthetic of your backyard. Regardless of the design you’re looking to achieve with your new pool remodel, we can create the style you’re looking for via our custom rock feature design and installation services. The possibilities are endless!


Sun Shelf

A swimming pool sun shelf is a long and flat surface that is built right below the water. They are usually found in the shallow end of the swimming pool, providing easy access via steps and a great view of the rest of the pool. Having a sun shelf allows you to enjoy the refreshing pool water all while catching some rays at the same time.

Since sun shelves aren’t deep, they are a great place to introduce young children to water or even dip your feet in without having to change into a bathing suit. We’re able to add a sun shelf to virtually any pool!


Pool Slide

If your swimming pool’s deep side is at least 36 inches in depth, you can add a water slide to your swimming pool. A great option for kids and adults alike, adding a water slide can help your family make memories that will last a lifetime. With our easy design and installation process, we’ll be able to add a water slide your family will be proud of!

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